Meet Jill

“No one else can heal you, find your purpose, or make you healthy inside and out:

        but this doesn’t mean you can, should, or have to do this alone.”

     I have compassion for every individual in every walk of life. Why? Because I have lived most of it. I have battled eating disorders, body dysmorphia, emotional eating, excessive exercise, chronic and severe illness, and even obesity. I have lived through these things and pushed through all while raising my four sons, working, and going to school full time. My gift in life is helping others through hard times and helping them to achieve the goals they feel are unattainable. 

     After years of diets that did not work and exercising for hours upon hours; I have learned to balance my life and feed myself and my soul what it truly needs. I thrive at helping others change their diet, learn about what is truly nutritious, and find a healthy amount of exercise that they actually enjoy. My goal is to help you change your body, mind, and your life. 

     Health is not about just eating right and exercising regularly. Health is making sure your WHOLE life is in balance. This means I will help you find balance within your career, relationships, spiritual life, and everything else you may not realize is affecting your health. I excel at helping women who are in limbo with their life. Maybe you are considering going back to work after your children are in school, maybe you are questioning your relationships or feel stuck in life overall, or maybe your not sure what is wrong in your life besides the fact that you want to lose weight and learn to eat healthier: It doesn’t matter the only matters that you have a plan and the correct help to live your best life. 

     I am able to coach you and watch you not only transform your body, but also your mind. I am excited for you to find what makes you happy and never look back at what you once felt was just a dream or a goal. Its your time; “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it” so lets chat and start you on your journey to a life you deserve!

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